Fool Moon

Session 3

Return to the fortress of the Evil Druid

Bard convinces the party to let her sleep in this time before they head out to attack the fort. She prevails, and druid wakes up early to gorge herself on pastries whil monk meanders around town. FINALLY at 11:30, bard wakes up and they get on the road for the three hour trip to the fort.
The gets to the fort and searches around the outside for another entrance, but finds none. monk tosses torches into the main entrance and the party enters. Monk and barbarian kill rats and wolves while druid talks to Hank the bear. Hank is not a happy camper, and growls at druid “I TOLD YOU TO RUN!” Druid asks if Hank “are you going to attack us?” to which he replies “KILL TWO LEGS.”

gxmNtTI.jpgMonk turns to barbarian and says to get ready, it’s about to get real in here. He lights a molotov and chucks it at the bear, engulfing it in flame. Barbarian attacks Hank, but himself gets caught on fire when the bear swings at him. Hank is not looking well, and after a fairly short fight, he falls over dead, still in flames.

Druid moves up the hall to investigate and sees another light coming up the stairs. the party gets into position and monk prepares a molotov. the figure comes up dressed druidish (in homemade clothes), and shouts at the party “you dare disturb my ritual?!”
Druid replies “Yup. you aren’t even a real druid. Who do you think you are?”
evil druid begins telling about how he is even more powerful than a druid. He is BEYOND drui….”

as he is mid-sentence, barbarian chucks a spear into his shoulder. monk throws a molotov at the druid, bathing him in flame. Monk apparently REALLY likes fire. the druid seems confused by all this, and launches a fireball over barbarian’s head. Druid cracks a thorn whip at the evil druid but misses. The Bard snaps and begins shouting in hellish language, charging at the evil druid. She casts a thunderwave at him, throwing the druid back down the steps and killing him.
the party listens as the body falls back down the stairs from whence it came.


as the smoke clears from the bard’s vicious attack, she grins and says to the druid (conspicuously absent now) “you’ve been…… thunderstruck” and then plays a riff on her axe. The rest of the party stands there for a second in awe, before the monk sneaks very sneakily down the stairs and into the druid’s lair. They see a handful of dead wolves in cages, dozens of dead rats, and one dead druid with snapped neck, still smouldering.

Monk puts out the flames with a blanket that was laying nearby and searches his corpse, relieving him of some of his valuables. “Won’t be needing these anymore,” he says. Meanwhile, the barbarian heads up to skin the bear. Druid investigates the corpse of the evil druid for like, markings and stuff. She notices a lot of burn marks. Druid leaves the room to investigate the bear and monk finds a chest which he clears quickly, and finds a nice looking new quarterstaff.

The group finds a couple notes on a table in druidic language & infernal. The letter (in druidic) says “things proceeding nicely in this ring. how goes the next ring, my brothers?” bard says that the other note is in infernal, and looks like a journal entry “…Writing in another language to keep safe. found book, granted powers.”

Druid and Monk search the room for the book, but were unable to find it.

+1000 xp



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